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Tuesday, Mar 01, 2011

The Management of the country's gas supply network is the main task of dispatching management of the National Iranian Gas Company.

The management of this unit carried out through coordination between deferent sector of the production, gas transmission and distribution, control and management of the country's gas transmission network, gas quality & quantity control and monitoring gas measurement.

Management tasks involved a series of activities in four parts of production, distribution and import & export of gas.


  1. Coordination with upstream

  2. Production planning

  3. Essential repairs planning for gas refining

  4. Measurement and control of quality & quantity of delivered gas


  1. Control of stations operation

  2. Control of gas transmission lines

  3. Optimizing & maximum use of gas transmission facilities (reducing the consumption of energy)

  4. Planning for the repairs of the stations and gas transmission lines

  5. Coordination of pigging operations and Hot tapping

Gas distribution:

  1. Quantity & quality control of gas, which will be delivered to consumers

  2. Energy consumption control

  3. Providing services for input station maintenance in power plants, cities, gas import & export

  4. Monitoring performance of gas import & export contracts

This management consists of three main sections include:

  1. Deputy operations

Deputy operations have been formed units as follow:

  • Control unit of dispatching

  • Measurement and quality control of gas

   2.  Studies affairs, planning and systems analysis

   3.  Technical support affairs


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